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Category: Business

Welcome to the Opportunity Coalition Podcast where our Founder and CEO, Brian Watson, interviews some of the most accomplished and well respected influencers from around the world.

Dr. Colin Weekes, Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado and Director of the Pancreas Oncology Program, interviewed by Opportunity Coalition’s CEO, Brian Watson

May 29, 2015

Dr. Weekes is a medical oncologist specializing in pancreatic cancer. Dr. Weekes focuses his time developing new clinical trials and new therapies for treating pancreatic cancer. In this episode of the Opportunity Coalition Podcast, Brian and Colin discuss the statistics of pancreatic cancer, what types of new and unique treatments are available, how to decrease your risk of cancer, if marijuana actually helps cancer patients, and what the University of Colorado and Dr. Weekes are doing to increase survivability of patients with pancreatic cancer.

Dr. Weekes is interviewed by Brian Watson, Founder and CEO of the Opportunity Coalition and Northstar Commercial Partners. 

To learn more about the University of Colorado Cancer Center visit: http://oprtnty.co/1Jd4WbE

To learn more about Dr. Weekes and his research visit: http://oprtnty.co/1HXU6EN