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Category: Business

Welcome to the Opportunity Coalition Podcast where our Founder and CEO, Brian Watson, interviews some of the most accomplished and well respected influencers from around the world.

Evan Feinberg, President of Generation Opportunity interviewed by Opportunity Coalition’s Founder & CEO, Brian Watson

April 29, 2015

Evan ran for Congress in 2012 in Pennsylvania. He is currently the President of Generation Opportunity which addresses the needs of young Americans. In this episode of the Opportunity Coalition Podcast, you'll hear startling statistics for young Americans: 14% are unemployed and over 30% have returned to living with parents. Evan and Generation Opportunity are working hard to fix those issues and many more by connecting and engaging young Americans online, on campus, and in their communities. Generation Opportunity is determined to create a better future for millennials.
Evan is interviewed by Brian Watson, Founder and CEO of the Opportunity Coalition and Northstar Commercial Partners. To learn more about Evan and Generation Opportunity please visit their website: https://generationopportunity.org/